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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Chique Online Makeup Academy?

     A. Chique Online Makeup Academy is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of makeup skill and technique.
    B. Upon successful completion of the course students will receive a certificate of accreditation showing recognition of their achievement which also serves as a  credential that can open doors in the industry.


Q. How long has Chique Online Makeup Academy been in business?
    A. Chique Online Makeup Academy is an entity of Beauty Boutique and Wellness Spa which has been in business since 2016, in Los Angeles, CA.


Q. Is there an age requirement to enroll in Chique Online Makeup Academy?
    A.Yes, Students 16 years and older may enroll.


Q. Is a diploma required to attend Chique Online Makeup Academy?
    A. No, Chique Online Makeup Academy is open to everyone.

Q. Is any previous Experience required to attend Chique Online Makeup Academy?
    A. No, Chique Online Makeup Academy classes are open to beginners as well as persons already with experience in Professional Makeup Artistry seeking certification and documentation to validate their expertise and skill.


Q. How does the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) standards align with High School Students eligible to receive course credit?
    A. NCES specifically aligns with the the 2 most noted industry codes listed below:
    1. Arts Media & Entertainment code AME 12.04.13 (Consumer, Personal & Miscellaneous Services)- eligible course credit
    2. CalPads Career & Technical Education code CTE Pathway 162 - (Personal Services)- eligible course credit


Q. How long is the course?
    A. Chique Online Makeup Academy is a 2 Course, 65 hour, online, Introductory and Master Makeup Artistry Course. Each course is completely online. Students can work at their own pace in their own time. Course contains a compilation of assignments, tests and live streams.
    B. Course can be completed in as little as 4 weeks.
    C. Students have 6 months from the date of enrollment to complete the course.


Q. What is the difference between Online and Hybrid classes?
    A. Online - Online classes are for individuals only, not associated with any school group.
    B. Hybrid - Online classes initiated by a School or Organization

Q. Are Makeup supplies provided to students?
    A. Yes, for an additional cost of $100 a student Makeup Kit can be purchased, but is not required.
         1. Makeup Kits include: A Professional Brush Set, Pressed Powder, Eye shadows colors, Blush colors,etc. We also include a silicone Makeup face for applications.
         2. For an additional cost the Silicone Makeup Face may be purchased separately.


Q. Do we accept Financial Aid or FAFSA?
    A. We do not offer Financial Aid at this time.


Q. Do you need a license to become a Makeup Artist in California?
    A. Business and Profession code, Division 3, Chapter 10, Article 2 (7219) state Caiifornia Makeup Artist are exempt from licensing If working in a freelance career including but not limited to: theater, television & film, radio Industry, retail, makeup counter, owning a studio,or working with a direct sales company. 


Q. Does Chique Online Makeup Academy offer Licensing?
    A. No. Chique Online Makeup Academy is a Certificated Program only.


Q. Does Chique Online Makeup Academy offer job placement after graduating?
    A. Chique Online Makeup Academy does not offer job Placement of Employment Assistance, however Chique Online Makeup Academy will always recommend stellar students.


Q. Who is Accredits Chique Online Makeup Academy?
    A. Chique Online Makeup Academy provides Certification and Accreditation is courtesy of Worldwide Course Accreditation Ltd.    


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